E-Cigarette & Vape Battery Security

Any type of sort of battery can posture a threat when not managed correctly or cared for. Following these instructions on e cig as well as vape battery security will aid you to make certain that you use and also charge your batteries securely, whilst also obtaining the best out of them.

You can likewise review our overview on Just how to Take Care Of E Cigarette Batteries for more information on maintaining your batteries in leading problem.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety And Security Guide

You might well have seen tales in the media relating to exploding e cigarette batteries. Most of cases, it has either been revealed that the incorrect battery chargers were used, the products were not genuine or the batteries were neglected or saved correctly. We want to ensure that our clients use our items securely and also therefore we ask that you review as well as stick to the following safety and security standards.

As with any type of batteries or battery powered gadget, e cigarettes are only hazardous when not utilized, kept or preserved appropriately.

Li-Ion Battery Safety And Security

Always stick to the complying with stringent battery safety standards when utilizing as well as dealing with lithium ion batteries:

  • never lug loosened batteries in pockets or bags. Contact with coins, other batteries and also other conductive items can create batteries to short.
  • never leave a charging battery ignored
  • just cost batteries with the given battery chargers or cables and don’t mix different branded products
  • constantly use the correct billing current as specified on your device or in directions *.
  • do not overcharge batteries.
  • never store batteries in extreme temperature levels and also keep out of direct sunshine.
  • do not use a battery that reveals any indications of damage or has actually entered into contact with fluids.

* OK Vape products must just ever before be charged at a maximum of 1A/5V.

Only Usage Billing Equipment Developed for Your Battery.

The majority of the e cigarette cases that have actually been reported current have actually occurred because of utilizing the wrong charging tools. You might discover that battery chargers from other providers fit the attachment on your battery, but you must never ever make use of anything besides the one supplied with your e cigarette. If you have 2 different batteries with comparable looking battery chargers, it is best to classify them to ensure that you understand which is which. Do not bill batteries from an incorporated couch USB port.

Utilizing Mains Adaptors to Fee Your Vape Batteries.

Although you can easily grab mains adaptors for USB powered devices, you must only use adapters with a 1 amp power outcome. Many mains USB adapters manufactured for use with phones or tablets are as well powerful for billing e cigarette or vape batteries as well as charging with these could create them to get too hot.

If you are mosting likely to utilize a keys adapter to charge your vape batteries, see to it that you buy one from a credible brand/supplier which it has a power output of no more than 1 Amp/5 Volts.

Okay Vape 1 Amp Mains Charging Adapters are readily available from our online shop.

Never Leave a Billing Battery Neglected.

Just like any kind of rechargeable battery, you must never ever leave them neglected when billing as well as never ever leave them billing over night. This isn’t to claim you require to see it the whole time it is on cost, yet we advise routinely examining it to make sure that nothing unusual is happening (e.g. hissing or overheating). If anything uncommon does occur whilst billing, right away eliminate the battery from the power source (beware in case it’s hot) and also deal with it safely.

Batteries are classed as contaminated materials so if you have a battery that has actually had it’s day as well as no more holds it’s cost, make sure you get rid of it properly. Many recycling centres take batteries and you can look for your closest one here.

Do Not Overcharge Your Batteries.

Over-charging your batteries is not just hazardous yet it can additionally harm them. Ensure that you don’t leave them plugged in when they are fully billed.

Never leave your batteries charging over night.

Switch off Your Vape Battery When Not in Use.

Please note that this only puts on manual e cigarette batteries. As Okay Cigalike E Cigs are manually turned on (you have to inhale to turn on the battery), they don’t require an on/off function.

Turning your battery off will certainly stay clear of the switch being inadvertently pushed when not being used and is a crucial vape battery security attribute.

A lot of vape batteries can be shut off or secured by pushing the power button 3 or 5 times in quick succession. You generally then can repeat this activity to open the battery. There will certainly be further instructions on just how to do this for your particular mod or set in the supplied instruction manual.

Stay Clear Of Temperature and Light Extremes.

You need to never ever subject batteries to severe temperatures. Make sure not to leave them in the auto for an extended time on a hot or really chilly day as well as do not leave them in straight sunlight.

Never Ever Use a Battery That Appears Broken or Has Been In Contact With Liquids.

Never ever utilize a battery that has actually been revealed to water or dampness. Consistently inspect your e-cigarette batteries and throw away them securely if any damages is located.

The effect of dropping your battery or vape kit can create stress to integrate in the battery which can lead to getting too hot or a surge. If you have dropped your battery or vape kit, check it for damage and, if in any question, avoid using it and replace the battery or set.

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