BMOR Saturn 1600puffs Disposable 1000mAh


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BMOR Saturn Disposable is the pull-and-release protective mechanism of BMOR Nitro. The user needs to push the silicone plug down. wait for the 90s. pull out the plug (For hygiene purposes. insert plug back in after vaping). The purpose is to release the e-juice flow into the cotton to maintain the purity and original flavor of the e-liquid for pure flavor enjoyment. Then peel off the protective sticker on the base of the device. Inhale and enjoy! BMOR Nitroh adopts revolutionary professional OCS (oil coil separation) technology. which means the oil and coil are separated until initial activation. It prevents leaking 100% while maintaining the freshness of the e-liquid until the very last puff.

BMOR Saturn Disposable Vape features 1600 puffs and 1000mAh battery capacity. It contains 5% salt nic. has 5.2ml e-juice capacity.

BMOR SaturnDisposable VapeParameter:

  • Puffs: Up to 1600 puffs
  • E-liquid: 5.20ml
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Size: 18x103mm

BMOR SaturnDisposable VapeFlavors:

  • banana ice.
  • bubble gum
  • strawberry+apple+watermelon
  • strawberry
  • cotton candy
  • fantasy jungle
  • guava ice
  • mixed berries
  • orange+pineapple mango
  • peach blue raz

BMOR SaturnDisposable VapePackage:

  • 1. 10pcs in one box. 40 boxes in one carton;
  • 2. Box size: 130*52.5*115mm;
  • 3. Carton size: 547*287*27mm;
  • 4. Gross Weight / CTN: 18.5KG.

Banana Ice, COTTON CANDY, fantasy jungle, Guava Ice, Mixed Berries, orange+pineapple mango, peach blue raz, Strawberry, strawberry+apple+watermelon, watermelon bubble gum

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