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The new disposable device by Crushed Disposable Vape Pen is pre-filled with a 1.3ml 5% salt nicotine. Get up to 400 delicious puffs from this device.The 500 mah battery is enough to support you using a whole Disposable Vape andIt offers 9 different of amazing flavors. It is virtually weightless and so discreet you can take it anywhere.

Crushed Specifications:

  • Brand: SMOK VVOW
  • Battery: +500mAh battery
  • Capacity: 1.3ml
  • Puff: 400 puffs


  • Iced Banana:

The delight of the luscious. sweet banana is underpinned by a freshness of crisp mountain air. Medium to strong bodied on the nicotine punch. this one the one flavor that will sooth your throat and end your cravings.

  • Berry Watermelon Gum:

Mixing sweet and mildly sour berries with a juicy. refreshing watermelon and coating it in the flavor of a gum is nothing other than perfect for you. Enjoy a slightly tougher SaltNic punch with every inhalation on this one.

  • Iced Grape Crushed:

The legendary sweetness of the popular fruit will embellish your senses by bringing out the best of sensual bliss from them. This mild to strong bodied blend will appease your senses and eradicate your cravings.

  • Orange Crush:

The soda. which this deliciousness resembles is perfectly embodied with every single puff. Sweet. pungent and effervescent. you get a medium to strong bodied goodness. which is hard to deny.

  • Blueberry Lemonade:

Pungency is the ruler of this blend. and the berrylicious essence of product tied in with the sour kick of the lemons will reign your senses. Stronger than medium bodied on the nicotine kick. you can now be satisfied with the notion that your cravings will be gone instantly.

  • Peach Berry Crush:

Delight yourself in a combination of warm. sweet peaches and a delightfully crafted basket of different types of berries. Slightly more powerful on the strength factor. you get an instant craving quencher with this one.

  • Iced Sour Apple:

Relish in the true. natural sour spirit of the Granny Smith Apple by taking puffs from this goodness. Here. you get pure enjoyment as if you’re eating the fruit itself!

  • Iced Black Cherry:

The cherry itself is already sweet and tart to begin with. but when you add a refreshing flavor to it you get a toothsome combination. Slightly more powerful on the SaltNic punch. this blend never backs down until your cravings are all gone.

  • Pineapple Crush:

The tropical fruit of luxuries manifests itself once again in this combination of tart. sweetness and pungency. Enjoy a real kick to the cravings with this medium to strong bodied blend until it’s all gone.

  • Melon Berry:

From sweet. ripened melons to delicious berries of sweet and bitter sorts. this concoction serves as the right foothold to bliss out your palate. This medium to heavy bodied goodness will treat your senses right without overpowering them.

  • Blueberry Crush:

Enjoy a mixture of ripened. fresh picked blueberries delivered right to your palate with a blend of sweet and sour flavors. This product will render a medium to strong bodied session to top off your deepest desires.

  • Mango Crush:

The mango is a deeply revered. sweet fruit of the gods and in this e-liquid it is perfectly converted to the form of vapor with every puff. This Disposable is ergonomic and its draw activated feature works flawlessly.

  • Blueberry Mango:

Yes. we finally have the best it its class combination of flavors with sweet and bitter in one in order to beguile your palate. It’s medium to strong bodied spirit will show off what it’s like to enjoy a truly delicious e-liquid.

  • Iced Grapefruit:

The grapefruit is an eloquently pungent goodness designed to awaken the senses from a deep slumber. and this blend is the fruit’s reflection. With a stronger than medium bodied profile. your senses will immediately be activated in readiness for a delectable treat.

  • Berry Honeydew:

With honeydew’s recent uprising in popularity. the decision to mix in some interesting berry combos was nothing but the right thing to do. From medium to strong bodied. you get a story of a truly powerful blend mailed to your senses.

  • Iced Lychee:

It’s iced. It’s sweet. It’s mildly pungent. This is the definition of a new age fruit blend entering the medium to strong bodied community of e-liquids in order to show your senses something never before experienced.

  • Iced Berry Banana:

Why stop your senses from pushing forward? With the mixture of bananas and berries. you get a sweet and piquant flavor that is overshadowed by an icy spirit to refresh your palate for good.

  • Blu Raz:

As the blue raspberry flavor grows in popularity. you get the experience of the deeper parts of sweetness and bitterness at once. At no expense to the senses. the stronger profile of this goodness will instantly evict all cravings.

  • Iced Mint:

Prepare for the experience of mountainous air. high in altitude. With an icy mint. you get two kinds of freshness blasts in one in order to efface any previously existing flavors found on the surface of your senses.

  • kiwi Strawberry:

Around for a while now. the kiwi and strawberry mixture takes the refreshing tart flavor from both fruits and creates a new flavor. which is impossible to resist. Accompanied by a truly stronger in profile vaping accord. this product is a true prodigy.

  • Lush Ice:

This synthesis is the product of icy freshness standing in it’s own territory. Enjoy a refreshing vaping experience from start to finish. underpinned by a medium to strong bodied goodness. which satisfies every single desire inherent in your palate.


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