Crushed XL Disposable Vape 600 puffs


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Crushed XL Disposable Vape contains 2.4mL of e-liquid and5% nicotine.It has a smooth sensation of impact.Sufficient batteries to support the full 600 puffs.Crushed XL Disposable Vape have 14Flavors.For example.Lush Ice;Lush Ice;Blueberry.You can choose your own flavor.

Crushed XL Features:

  • DisposableDevice
  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Device per package
  • 2.4mL of e-liquid
  • 600 puffs per device
Crushed XL Flavors:
  • Lush Ice:

The secret to rejuvenating your senses lies behind the ecstasy of the amalgamation of a sweet and reinvigorating watermelon and a thoughtful addition of icy freshness to double down on the revitalization experience. Enter Crushed XL Lush Ice. a grand opening of a world of delicious fruity flavors that knows how to tantalize the palate in all of the right ways.

  • Blueberry:

Are you ready for a transformational experience? The goodness found within the Crushed XL Blueberry is here to amaze and astonish. allowing for the immaculate elements of bittersweetness to manifest in the utmost perfect of ways upon every single puff.

  • Melon Berry:

Beguile the senses into experiencing the actual fruit combo through the act of vaping on the finest Melon Berry concoction. made possible by Crushed XL. This delicious wonder will render your senses happy once again. thanks to a sweet and sour amalgam. which is designed to awaken them from their deepest slumbers and thrust them into a world of ecstasy.

  • Iced Black Cherry:

It isn’t a conundrum to comprehend the fact that the mildly tart. yet not excessively sweet Crushed XL Iced Black Cherry can change the sensual perspective profoundly. With the perfectly proper addition of refreshing qualities to the mix. this product tantalizes the senses by arousing them to their fullest potential. Relish in this perfectly balanced. mild combination and see for yourself what the epitome of deliciousness truly is.

  • Iced Berry Banana:

What if you could finally get to experience the highly coveted combination of subtly sour berries and the perfectly sweet banana in the form of vapor? What if on top of that. you’ll get to relish in a refreshing blast to clean up your senses in preparation for their next delightful experience of flavor? Enter Crushed XL Iced Berry Banana. a flavor that no longer allows the aforementioned questions to be pure conjectures. This blend will show you what it’s like to truly activate your senses and keep them on for you for the rest of the day.

  • Pineapple Crush:

The Crushed XL is a tropical blend consisting of sweet and tart flavors. which are inherent in the pineapple. Each inhalation allows for an experience of sensual awakening that mimics the actual fruit and transcends one’s expectations. Smooth on the palate. this blend allows for a mild experience with every single puff.

  • Blue Razz:

The Crushed XL is the epitome of sweet and sour in one combination. made to bring wonders to the palate without leaving behind an overpowering sensation. Made from whitebark raspberries. you’ll get a sense of what true quality tastes like once and for all.

  • Iced Grape Crush:

So. you think your taste buds are legitimate? Not until you try the ultra sweet. mega delicious Crushed XL Iced Grape Crush. As you take your first puff off of this magical device. your brain will be flooded with pleasure-inducing sensations you have never thought of as conceivable before. Topped off with a refreshing wave. you’ll understand what the apotheosis of deliciousness is all about after your first puff.

  • Passion Fruit Ice:

This flavor is just like a perfect wave of sweetness and tartness combined. giving way to an avalanche of snowy freshness in an unblemished. unforgettable recipe. The Crushed XL Passion Fruit Ice delivers a perfectly balanced vaping session. underpinned by a mild in strength flavor profile that satisfies the senses without pushing their limitations.

  • Blueberry Lemonade:

Living life without having tried Crushed XL’s finest Blueberry Lemonade flavor is equivalent to sensory deprivation blindness: what is life without the main sensory experience? This wonderful vape features a sweet and sour mixture of flavors. which is good enough to replace your cravings for dessert. Made possible by ripened blueberries and freshly squeezed lemons. there simply is no viable replacement for this product.

  • Iced Banana Crush:

The Crushed XL Iced Banana Crush has been synthesized to appease the fervent smoker. one that knows what the right combination of flavors should taste and smell like. Combining fruity sweetness with a hit of mountainous freshness. this product allows for an experience of dessert. followed by an induction of a sensual cleanup right after.

  • Frosted Apple:

If you could believe that you could redefine your perspective on what the Granny Smith Apple tastes like. then let us expand your mind. The pungent spirit of the Crushed XL Frosted Apple is the definition of par excellence. Designed with you in mind. each inhalation will tingle your senses with sour essences and then coat them with a gum-inspired freshness to top off the experience.

  • Iced Mint:

What we believe has been a divine inspiration. the magical Crushed XL Iced Mint is a blast to the structure of the senses. designed to redefine the very essence of the palate through the banishment of old. undesirable flavors that linger behind. Enjoy a true vaping session. refreshing your senses with the mint leaf and then layering them with a blanket of winter-inspired revitalizing flavors to double up on the experience of true reinvigoration. Confused? See for yourself what this flavor feels like and you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

  • Berry Watermelon Gum:

Inpire your palate with a sour berrylicious goodness. mixed in with a sweet and fresh watermelon essence and overshadowed by a bubble gum-like tang. The Crushed XL Berry Watermelon Gum has been designed to provide a candied. fruity experience in a way that allows for the senses to feel as though they have been gifted a bouquet of delectably irresistible flavors.


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