Dinner Lady Disposable Vape 500 puffs 500mAh



Dinner Lady Vape Pod is a brand new disposable.This disposable comes with a compact 500mah batter that can power your vape for up to 500 puffs. It makes you use e-cigarettes longer.New flavors also have been released. are popular Dinner Lady flavours: Lemon Tart. Blue Menthol. Smooth Tobacco. Fresh Menthol and Pink Berry

Dinner Lady Specifications:

  • Brand: Dinner Lady
  • Battery: +500mAh battery
  • Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Puff: 500 puffs

Dinner Lady Flavors:

  • The personification of the classical tobacco flavors is made possible by the finest revelation of Dinner Lady’s latest work of art: The Smooth Tobacco. This flavor is a classic emulation of the real deal. but without the filth of combustion. Enjoy a soothing delicatessen. which will enable your senses to hone their perceptual capabilities.

  • The name explains all. but we will go into further detail. The Dinner Lady Lemon Tart reveals a sour flavor profile with a tinge of sweetness. which peters out into the main savor of the cake. Getting the best of both sweet and sour worlds in just the right proportions. you’ll undergo a deliciously tasting vaping experience with this impeccably crafted product.

  • If your senses have a strong desire to get iced out. then the Dinner Lady Blue Menthol should be you number one choice. This savor will refresh your palate and send it through a whirlwind of minty wonders in ways much grander than any traditional cigarette imbued with menthol flavors.

Dinner Lady Package Contents:

  • 1* Dinner Lady Vape Pod Device

Blue Menthol, Lemon Tart, Smooth Tobacco

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