EDV Disposable Vape 300 Puffs 280mAh


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The EDVDisposableDevice ismadeby TVS Team in Southern California. EDV stands for Every Day Vaping. and has been part of the quality commitment from TVS since early 2013.. The EDV Disposable E-Cig offers you a variety of flavors. themes to enjoying important days of the year. You will findIced Juicy Peach.Iced Sweet Pear.Strawberry Lychee.Watermelon Ice.Rainbow Candy.Iced Coke Soda. and so many more!Every Day Vape is the bestdisposable devicechoice!

EDV features:

  • AvailableIn 10-Packs.
  • 1.2mlOf E-LiquidPerDevice.
  • Approximately 300PuffsPerDevice.
  • 50MG (5%)NicotineSaltByVolume.
  • 280mAhIntegrated Battery.


  • Holiday limited

Iced Jasmine Green Tea – Lunar New Year
Fresh Iced Guava – New Year
Iced Juicy Peach – Valentine’s Day
Durian cheesecake -April Fools’ Day

  • Sweety Strawberry Series

Sweet Strawberry -Dating Day
Strawberry Banana -Sports Day
Strawberry Lychee -Relax Day

  • Classic Series

Polar Ice -Working Day
Iced Pineapple Soda -Party Day
Iced Sweet Pear -Shopping Day
Iced Apple -Busy Day
Watermelon Ice -Boring Day
Double Blueberry Ice -Sunny Day
Tobacco -Bad Day
Iced Coke -Pay Day

  • Special Series

Mung Beans Ice -Family Day
Iced Wine -Anniversary
Rainbow Candy -Rainy Day


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