Eonsmoke Stik Disposable Vape 400 puffs 280mAh


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The Stik is a disposable all-in-one device that has a built in lithium ion 280mah batteryand 1.3ml E-Liquid which is rated to last between 150-200 puffs for longer drags and 300-400 puffs for shorter drags.Eonsmoke Stik Disposable Devices are very high quality and are one of the best disposable devices currently on the market.

Eonsmoke Stik Specifications:
Brand: Eonsmoke Stik
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Capacity: 1.3ml
Puffs: 150-200 and 300-400 puffs
Nicotine: 68mg

Eonsmoke Stik flavors:

  • Berry Gelato:

This delicious compound forces the senses to enjoy a strong bodied goodness. made with different berries to taste like a mixture similar to ice cream. The Gelato-like vapor elicited herein is undeniably delectable. so it’s a must try.

  • Mango:

This Mango flavor is properly balanced with a powerful nicotine blend. eliciting flavors of sweetness you’d never expect from the fruit itself. Puff on a gentle but pronounced vapor and let your senses become one with it upon every drag.

  • Pineapple:

Its pungent qualities soar upon every single puff. for the pineapple flavor presented herein provides your senses with a tinge of sweetness to top it all off. Take delight in a profound vaping session from start to finish. and let this be your new favorite.

  • Kiwi Strawberry:

A common blend breaks through with less than common bittersweet essences on the taste. Providing a full spectrum of flavors to the senses. this product is your new go-to if you wish to experiment.

  • Citrus:

Allow your mind to settle in on a sour and bitter spirit of the citrus. Allowing the lips to engulf this ergonomic device and the lungs to inhale the goodness. we guarantee that your entire system will awaken from an undesired slumber.

  • Cubano:

The Cuban Cigar has for long making its print in the smoker’s history. and now it’s time for vapor to take over with the same flavors yet zero combustion. Relish in an exquisite sensation of smoking the best of the best while being devoid of the element of fire.

  • Lush Ice:

Combining watermelon with menthol gives you an immaculate byproduct of sweetness and minty freshness in one. tantalizing your senses to the extreme. Take a few drags of this strong bodied goodness and all of your cravings will teleport to a different dimension.

  • Strawberry Banana:

This popular smoothie flavor tastes even better when it comes to the vape juice. featuring a sweet. yet mildly pungent essence of the tart strawberry on the hit. Strong bodied in nature. you can expect a vaping session that will never disappoint!

  • Pink Lemonade:

It’s a great combination of tart and sour lemons with a fruity addition for the mix in. making it sweet. Enjoy your day outdoors taking drags from your childhood and reminisce on the past with a strong bodied goodness at your fingertips.

  • Peach:

Embrace a warm. sweet and peachy delight at your fingertips with every puff. You get exactly what the harvest provides with zero compromises and 100% real flavors. It’s note is stronger. so prepare to take your senses out for a ride.

  • Blueberry:

This is the true sweet and sour blend and it offers undeniably delicious flavors per every inhalation. What you see is what you get. a pungent. strong bodied blend. which is irresistibly aromatic and soothing on the throat. See what you’re missing out on!

  • Strawberry:

Mostly sweet. this product carries in its spirit a mildly tart goodness. which allows the palate to explore different parts of itself. Enjoy a truly delectable vaping session with thick clouds of joy as you puff on this strong bodied sensation of a blend.

  • Green Apple:

The purest enjoyment comes from the embodiment of sour tastes. and this one does it right. Overlaying on top of your senses what the juiciest green apple has to offer. your palate will scream with happiness once you take the first full bodied drag.

  • Pomegranate:

The pomegranate is a great solution to your dessert. for it features elements of tartness and sweetness in one. Here. the blend does too. With a strong bodied quintessence. every puff will undeniably eradicate all of your cravings at once.

  • Watermelon:

Essentially one of the tastiest in its class. enjoy a crafty watermelon. which bestows upon the smoker a juicy burst and a strong bodied kick. With every puff. you get a sweetly refreshing flavor. which is undeniably toothsome and hard to resist.

  • Cucumber:

Wash out your palate with a veggie sensation that cools down the flavor of mojitos. With this concoction. you get to enjoy the best flavor delivery with every puff. allowing you to feel like you’re eating the actual cucumber if you close your eyes while inhaling!


Berry Gelato, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Citrus, Cool Mint, Cubano, Cucumber, Green Apple, Kiwi Strawberry, LUSH ICE, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, PINK LEMONADE, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Watermelon

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