Koppie Disposable Vape 2500 Puffs 1200 Mah


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Koopie Vape Device is a new non-rechargeable vaping product that comes in a variety of exciting and mixed fruity flavors. These vapes are designed for 2 main purposes. Firstly. it delivers the best quality vape fog and nicotine to the vapers. Who is thinking to find an alternative to conventional smoking then this Koopie Vape is the best starter for giving up old habits. It creates a soothing experience and satisfying hit so vapers can rely on this without any hesitation or craving.

Koppie Disposable Vapecontains battery of 1200mAh. enough to support the use of 2500 Puff.Mr Sky Lux Disposable Vape Pre-filled with 6mL of e-liquid and 5% salt concentration.1.6 Ohm mesh coilto give the best flavor experience.New and tasteful flavors amalgamated with one another are created to give mouth bursting taste to the vapers.


  • Battery: 1200 Mah
  • Resistance: 1.6 Ohm
  • Juice Capacity: 6ML
  • Nicotine 50MG
  • Puffs ~ 2500 Puffs


  • Frozen Mango Berry Ice

Frozen Mango mixed with Berry Ice flavor. It is a refreshing taste giving satisfying nicotine with chilled refreshing mango and berry flavor.

  • Blueberry Ice

Blueberry Ice. a refreshing blueberry sweet-sour flavor with minty fog taste in a perfect handheld vape device

  • Blueberry Raspberry

Blueberry mixed with rich raspberry flavor produces a unique taste and vaping experience. It is a combo of berries. Enjoy seamless nicotine hits in a satisfying taste.

  • Kiwi Berry Ice

Kiwi Berry a refreshing minty mixture gives a unique vaping experience to the vaper’s community. Loved by people of all ages.

  • Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz lemonade tart sweet-sour and strong nicotine hits in a long-lasting Koopie vape device.

  • Prism

Multi 7 flavors mixed Koopie vape flavor. A mixture of the best tastes in the world now in your hands to enjoy a smooth vaping experience.

  • Raspberry Watermelon Ice

Watermelon and Raspberry mixed with refreshing minty flavor give a uniquely satisfying experience to the vapers. Enjoy this amazing taste and satisfy your vaping needs.

  • Shake Shake

Shake Shake is another foggy and mouth-filling flavor in Koopie vape devices. Shake Shake gives strong hits while keeping your tastebuds filled with luxury and amazement.

  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice

Strawberry Watermelon amalgamated mixture in your vape device. Who does not love strawberries and watermelon? Both these flavors mixed in minty tastes are now available in Koopie vape devices.

  • Tropical Cocktail

Tropical Cocktail gives tropical fruits flavor in your hands. Enjoy a juicy taste while satisfying your nicotine cravings.


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