Side Bae Essentials 2X Disposable Vape 1400 Puffs


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Side Bae Essentials 2X DisposableVape is a package box consisting of two pre-filled nicotine salt disposable devices. Each package comes with two separate Side Bae disposable vape kit. Side Bae Essentials disposable offers 2x the device. 2x the flavor. making sharing your side piece easy. Once you experience it. you’ll want to show off your side piece everywhere you go. sharing it with your buddies is easy! Side Bae Essentials disposable is slim. lightweight. and easy to carry. put it in your pocket or bag anytime. anywhere. Pre-filled with 2.8ml of 5% nicotine. Side Bae Essentials disposable device lasts for an impressive 700 puffs. The internal e-liquid is made in the U.S.. and you can choose any of a variety of delicious flavors to significantly enhance its quality. Get your nicotine fix while you enjoy the most pleasurable tastes and aromas. This popular. shareable Side Bae Essentials vape is draw-activated and easily portable for your convenience. Forget the mess of refilling or recharging. Once you’ve spent your customized. premium E-Liquid. toss it and start again. Side Bae is double flavor and doubles the fun.

Side Bae Essentials 2X Features:

  • Not refillable or rechargeable
  • Sleek/Flat Perfect Fit
  • 5% Nicotine Strength
  • 1400 Total Puffs (700 puffs per device)
  • Each device pre-filled with 2.8mL of e-liquid
  • 2 Devices per package
Side Bae Essentials 2X PACKAGE LIST:
  • 1Pack x 2pcs Side Bae Essentials 2X Disposable Vape Kit

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