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It turns out most adult vapers were just looking for the easiest way to get flavor and satisfaction from a compact design. This is why disposable vapes are so popular. The draw activated SWFT Bar achieves this goal by foregoing features. There is no fire button. It is draw activated. There is no charging or wattage adjustment. You don’t even need to snap a pod into place. The most labor-intensive aspect is opening the packaging.

Yet disposable vapes of great size and e-liquid capacity have crowded the market. But with these longer lasting disposables there is a tradeoff in size. convenience. and flexibility. This is why there will always be a big market for small disposables. Less expensive options like the SWFT Bar fit the bill. If you are interested in a longer lasting device. you can always upgrade to the SWFT 3k and enjoy the same flavors in a larger disposable.

The fact is. if want to switch between engaging flavors on a regular basis. a 3500-puff disposable is not the way to go. Then there is the matter of price. the larger disposables necessarily cost more and if you don’t like the flavor. you are either stuck with it for days on end or must move on to a different flavor.

If you are looking to make the switch to vaping or simply want to sample a flavor profile. the SWFT Bar is a great option. It contains enough e-liquid to provide plenty of satisfying puffs but is not so large that it represents a long-term investment in a single flavor profile. If rotating through a variety of flavors is how you vape nic salts. a selection of SWFT Bars is the way to go.

There are some great flavors to choose from too. As is the case with all nic salt disposable vape pens. the emphasis is on fruit. beverage. and iced fruit flavors. But there is a silky Cr??me Brulee flavor as well. All these flavors are delivered flawlessly by the reliable SWFT Bar. The tight draw and compact size are appealing to adult vapers who prefer MTL vaping.

SWFT Bar Features:

  • Capacity: 1.3ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Battery: 280mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 400

SWFT Bar Flavors:

  • Apple Ice SWFT Bar

Apple Ice SWFT Bar is a sour green apple inspired disposable vape. A hard shell of confectionary sweetness envelops tart fruit notes. Enough fresh picked apple flavor shines through to give the Apple Ice SWFT Bar a distinct and pleasant taste. Menthol ice is the finishing touch on a well-balanced nic salt juice. If you enjoy green apple nic salts or are just curious to find out how good they taste. the compact SWFT Bar is a perfect choice.

  • Banana Ice SWFT Bar

If you want to find out why Banana Ice salt nic juices are now all the rage. the Banana Ice SWFT Bar is a great starting point. This is one well-executed nic salt flavor and it is perfectly matched with the compact stick-style SWFT Bar. The banana is not weighed down with heavy and sweet artificial flavor notes. Instead. it is creaminess. sweetness and a distinct ripe banana flavor that shines through. Menthol ice. cool and refreshing. is what converts a good fruity vape into an all-day flavor spectacular. SWFT Bar’s excellent take on the banana ice flavor profile is one you do not want to miss.

  • Cr??me Brulee SWFT Bar

As a dessert. Cr??me Brulee peaked in popularity during the 1990s. As a vaping flavor. it is not as common as it once was after Juul Cream was pulled from the market and the federal ban on flavored vape pods barred it from ever returning. But adult vapers can still get their Cr??me Brulee salt nic juice fix. The Cr??me Brulee SWFT Bar features rich custard and vanilla tones that really taste like the upscale French dessert. Flavor notes akin to the caramelized top layer are present on exhale. The silky smooth nic salt finish is perfect for the richness of this flavor. The vanilla and sweeter notes keep this flavor from being too claggy to be enjoyed all day.

  • Grape Ice SWFT Bar

The Grape Ice SWFT Bar has a rich Concord grape flavor shines through a cooling layer of menthol ice. Grape can be a bit overwhelming when poorly executed and the flavors can manifest as very artificial when applied in a heavy-handed manner. Luckily. Grape Ice SWFT Bar strikes a nice balance. The grape flavor is certainly forward but it is not overwhelming. If you enjoy grape salt nic juices. the efficient SWFT Bar will prove to be a most satisfying purchase.

  • Guava Berry Ice SWFT Bar

The Guava Berry Ice SWFT Bar explodes with delightful fruit flavors. The mixed berry medley adds tartness and the complimentary flavor profiles of strawberry. blueberry. and raspberry. Guava brings a rich tropic layer that serves as a foundation. The final piece of the puzzle is menthol ice. It merges these fantastic fruit flavors into a cohesive salt nic juice flavor.

  • Honeydew Ice SWFT Bar

Why is honeydew melon. a most unwelcome interloper in fruit cups and fruit salads worldwide. such a delightful salt nic juice flavor. The answer is that the e-liquids take inspiration from the most perfectly ripe and fresh honeydew melons. No matter the reason. the Honeydew Ice SWFT Bar is a top-selling flavor. The rich melon notes are crisp and balanced. There is a depth to melon flavors that make it stand out in a world of berries and beverages. With the addition of menthol ice. there is a cooling that pairs wells with an exhale that is dripping with melon notes.

  • Lychee Berry Ice SWFT Bar

Lychee is massively popular as a salt nic juice. Vapers who have never seen a lychee in the produce section of the store swear by the complexity and beauty of this tropical flavor. If you are an adult vaper who has never tried a lychee ice nic salt. the SWFT Bar is a perfect choice. An affordable and compact disposable. it will give you plenty of puffs to sample the complexity of lychee ice but is not so large that you are stuck with the flavor for 3500 puffs. The Lychee Ice SWFT Bar is a great example of how a good a well-crafted nic salt lychee ice flavor can taste. And what does lychee taste like? Well. it tastes like lychee. It has an aromatic essence. a bit like a grape with a hint of rose. There is a deep almost pear essence with a hint of sweet watermelon. No matter how it is described. it is a great flavor and the Lychee Ice SWFT Bar is top-notch example

  • Mango Ice SWFT Bar

Mango is one of the all-time greats in salt nic juice flavors. Increasingly. it is being paired with menthol ice to create an even more balanced taste profile. Mango is bold tropical flavor; it does not come across as overly sweet or saccharine. The distinct mango flavor has a bit of a floral bouquet but also reads as a juicy fruit on the palate. If you are an adult vaper who no longer has access to Juul Mango because of the federal flavor ban. it is worth your while to give the SWFT Bar Mango Ice a chance. It has twice the capacity of a Juul pod but does not represent the investment that a bottle of nic salts or a larger disposable vape does. The SWFT Bar is also an incredibly ease way to vape. Simply open the packaging and inhale. It is draw activated and requires no charging. There isn’t even a pod to snap into place. This is a huge feature for an adult vaper who values ease of use.

  • Pineapple Ice SWFT Bar

Rich and juicy pineapple flavors burst through in every puff you take from the Pineapple Ice SWFT Bar. The flavor just screams pineapple. and the generous admixture of iced menthol prevents the sugary notes from overwhelming your taste buds. A tropical fruit vape. pineapple flavoring is perfectly suited for the smooth nic salt finish of the Swift Bar Pineapple Ice.

  • Strawberry Lemonade SWFT Bar

The Strawberry Lemonade SWFT Bar is a refreshing beverage vape that is chock full of vibrant and balanced flavor. The fresh picked strawberry adds tart and sweet elements that really elevate a sugary yet tart lemonade nic salt flavor. The combination is exquisite. The sweetness of the strawberry permeates a not overly sour lemonade. The lemonade flavor itself is well-executed. It takes a lot like fresh squeezed lemonade and unlike some citrus vapes in not overly caustic or harsh. The smooth salt nic juice formulation reduces harshness on the throat and the tight draw of the SWFT Bar shifts the focus onto the flavor profile.


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