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In a market full of disposable vape options. the new Trip Cloud Pen Disposable Vape has a strenuous climb in its future. It is competing with some of the industry’s largest brand names. and we believe the odds of its success is definitely tipping the scale in its favor.

The Trip Cloud Pen has a lot to offer. starting with an appearance that looks fascinating from its packaging to the actual device itself. The packaging was designed perfectly to deliver enticing first impressions of the flavor. The Trip Pen offers a slender build and a compact design that is very portable. allowing you to easily use it anywhere and stow it away during the times when you don’t need it. Its mouthpiece is ergonomically shaped. providing comfort to the lips and a more enjoyable vaping experience throughout your time with the Trip Pen. The flavors are absolutely thrilling from the first puff to the last. and its taste lingers in your mouth. making you want more and more.

Housing a pre-charged battery. this exciting new disposable vape will allow you to enjoy up to 500 puffs and houses 2.0ml of premium salt nicotine vape juice that is available in three remarkably crafted flavors. including Jungle Juice. Frosty Mango. and Cotton Candy Ice.


  • 2ml Vape Juice Capacity
  • Almost 500 Puffs



Boasting loads of delicious flavor. this remarkable blend of flavors is everything your taste buds desire. It is filled to the top with a fascinating grape flavor that is simply hard to recreate. It is then infused with a burst of menthol to truly awaken the senses with satisfying tastes and an overall refreshing experience through and through.


Taking simplicity to a whole new level. this peach flavor offers just that. a sweet and juicy peach taste. It is perfectly paired with the bone-chilling taste of menthol as well. keeping you cool. calm. and collected. This incredible duo is just the vape juice blend your taste buds have been craving. and all it takes is one puff to satisfy them.


This phenomenal flavor is the recreation of a classic orange soda. It uses a special collection of flavors that come together to create the taste you’ve come to know and love. To ensure that the flavor remains as authentic as it can get. it is combined with a hefty dose of ice-cold menthol to give off the impression as if you’ve just pulled the beverage straight from the refrigerator.


In an effort to create a stellar blend. this outstanding duo of a blend was created to simply satisfy your taste buds to the fullest extent. It blends a banana popsicle flavor with an incredible twist of menthol. Not only is this vape juice incredibly smooth and super refreshing. but it is also one of the tastiest vapes you’ll ever experience.


Gearing your taste buds for a phenomenal experience. this tasty blend will be all that you need. It provides an overwhelming mixture of lychee and pairs perfectly with the refreshing taste of menthol. From the first puff to the last. you will enjoy every moment with this one-of-a-kind vape juice blend.


Lavish your tastes with a mouthful of tasty mango and a splash of menthol. From the inhale. you immediately begin to taste a mango flavor that seems as if it was pulled straight from the tropic and filled in a tall glass of cool crushed iced. The magnificent experience continues as the duo continues to linger.

  • MINT

Whether you enjoy the flavor or you just need your senses opened up. this is by far one of the best flavors throughout the entire line-up. It offers the classic taste of mint. and nothing more. With each puff you take. you send your taste buds on a magic mentholated ride. It is a vape juice flavor everyone knows and loves. and it’s now available in a conveniently designed device.


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