Vaporlax Vegaz Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs 700mAh


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The Vaporlax Vegaz proves that bigger isn’t always better. Striking a balance between the 10ml Vaporlax Sirius and the 3ml Vaporlax Mate. the Vaporlax Vegaz provides plenty of vaping enjoyment but simply isn’t as large of an investment as a larger disposable. As a high-quality disposable. the Vaporlax Vegaz is durable and requires no charging or filling. The draw activation is tight and extracts superb salt nic juice flavor from every puff. Made with tobacco free nicotine (TFN). the Vaporlax Vegaz has unusually smooth and crisp salt nic juice flavors.

With an e-liquid capacity of 4ml. 700mAh battery and 50mg nicotine strength. the Vaporlax Vegaz is good for 1200 puffs according to the manufacturer. The Vaporlax Vegaz has cylindrical design which is perfect for discrete vaping. It also delivers great flavor in every puff. Perfect for travelling or everyday vaping. the Vaporlax Vegaz is an unusually sturdy and reliable design.

Vaporlax Vegaz Specifications

  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Battery: 700mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 1200

Vaporlax Vegaz Flavors:

  • Banana Ice

At some point in time. the combination of banana ice went from an afterthought to one of the best-selling salt nic juices on the market. Any initial trepidation vapers had about the potential drawbacks of artificial banana were quickly alleviated by a wide selection of well-balanced banana ice disposables. One of the top versions of this essential salt nic flavor is the Banana Ice Vaporlax Vegaz. The sweet banana flavor is engulfed in a cooling cloud of crisp menthol ice. The ripeness of the banana shines through to give the Vaporlax Vegaz Banana Ice a very distinctive and excellent flavor.

  • Blue Razz

Every disposable vape maker seems to have at least one version of a blue raspberry flavor. The sheer number of competitors does not mean that some are not better than others. The Blue Razz Vaporlax Vegas is a top tier take on this flavor of summer. It captures the syrupy flavor of a blue razz icy and hits the palate with tart berry notes. It is these fruit flavors that keep the salt nic juice balanced and enjoyable all day. The Blue Razz Vaporlax Vegaz is a real treat and one that adult vapers will want to enjoy all day.

  • Cool Mint

The Cool Mint Vaporlax Vegaz is a great take on perhaps the number one flavor in salt nic juices. There is more than enough sweetness to shine through the icy menthol inhale and exhale. The spearmint notes tingle the tastebuds while the smooth nic salt finish is satisfying and relaxing. Not only is this a great mint flavor and with an exceptionally cooling affect. but it can also be enjoyed in the superb 4ml Vaporlax Vegaz. This disposable vape pen requires no charging or filling and has an e-liquid capacity over five times greater than the discontinued Juul Mint pod.

  • Hawaiian Mix

The Hawaiian Mix Vapor Vegaz has a name that evokes refreshing Hawaiian beverages. What is interesting is that this beverage is the legendary POG: passionfruit. orange. and guava. One of several great Vaporlax tropical fruit beverage themed disposables. Hawaiian Mix might be the strongest of bunch with a bold guava punch that is notable on inhale and exhale. The orange is juicy and sweet. It does not have the powdered orange mix notes that you find in some disposables. An outrageously well-crafted passionfruit delivers the finishing punch. With tart. tangy. and sweet notes. the full array of passionfruit flavor is on display in the Hawaiian Mix Vaporlax Vegaz.

  • Icy Fruits

The Icy Fruits Vaporlax Vegaz delivers a cold burst of ice atop the unmistakable flavor of tropical lychee. Bold citrus notes are also present throughout. While not quite a beverage vape. the balance of fruit notes and clever pairing of complimentary flavors makes the Icy Fruits Vaporlax Vegaz a great all day vape.

  • Lush Ice

The Lush Ice Vaporlax Vegaz is a great version of a time-tested salt nic juice flavor. A blend of light watermelon and frigid menthol ice serves as the foundation. A pinch of citrus tang and ripe raspberry further elevates the classic melon and mint combination. There are plenty of good Lush Ice disposable nic salts on the market and the Vaporlax Vegaz compares favorably with all of them.

  • Rainbow Mix

A colorful prism of tart and sweet fruit flavors inspired the Rainbow Mix Vaporlax Vegaz. The flavor is certainly sweet but there are enough tangy notes to keep the confectioner’s sugar in check. The use of tobacco free nicotine allows individual fruit notes to shine through. lime. orange. strawberry. and others. Fans of sweet vapes with a sour edge will really enjoy the Rainbow Mix Vaporlax Vegaz

  • Strawberry Banana

Fans of fruity salt nic juices are certain to enjoy the Strawberry Banana Vaporlax Vegaz. While many disposable vape flavors lean heavily on menthol. Vaporlax really allows their well-balanced strawberry and banana nic salt juices to shine in tandem. The ripeness of the banana is front and center. with the really cloying artificial notes notably absent. First and foremost. this is a strawberry nic salt and all the berry flavors you seek are here. It is possible to craft an e-liquid that relies on basic fruit flavors and is still a great flavor to vape all day. The Strawberry Banana Vaporlax Vegaz proves it.

  • Strawberry Cream

Combining bright a bright strawberry salt nic juice with a smooth cream. the Strawberry Cream Vaporlax Vegaz is a delight to vape and a top-tier flavor. Perfectly matched with the smooth drawing Vegaz disposable vape platform and tobacco free nicotine. this is a silken and pristine flavor. The strawberry is more fruit than confectionary. the sweetness is well modulated and comes across as refreshing rather than saccharine thanks to the creamy finish.

  • Tropical Punch

The Tropical Punch Vaporlax Vegaz is an intricate blend of tropical guava. ripe watermelon. and tart lemon. A deep and refreshing flavor. all the fruit elements shine through in every vape. The guava adds an incredible degree of depth while the lemon plays off the pure sweetness of the watermelon to create a truly balanced flavor profile.


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