Wiff Bar Disposable Vape 400 puffs


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Wiff Bar disposable device is a wonderfully crafted salt nicotine device which comes in 8 different flavors. Each flavors are drawn from to give the perfect blend of fruits. The disposable device comes with 5% nicotine and draws up to 400 puffs. Each disposable pod hold 1.3 ml of e-liquid.

Wiff Bar Features:

  • Salt Nicotine: 5%
  • Puffs: Up to 400
  • Capacity: 1.3 ML E-Liquid


  • Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Propylene Glycol.
  • Nicotine.
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors



Orange Glaze flavored disposable salt nicotine by Wiff Bar has the vape community buzzing about its delightfully faint citrus and sweet vanilla glaze combination. A lot of the orange citrus vapes out there can be very overpowering and not as divine as this one we’ve found. The complexity of this juice recipe will leave your palate completely satisfied while the nicotine will definitely quench that cigarette craving. No harmful cigarette chemicals or unwanted calories are an added benefit for all.


Pineapple Glaze flavored disposable salt nicotine device is a delicious new flavor by Wiff Bar. Pineapple vape juice flavors are some of the best tasting e-liquid products on the market. It’s so hard to resist this fruit flavor that is so naturally sweet and satisfying with every hit you roll across your tongue. Mouthwatering sugary ripe pineapple flavor is perfect for all day use. Satisfy those nicotine urges and sweet cravings all in one. With no harmful cigarette chemicals. this just might be the one product that makes you drop that cigarette habit for good.


Mango Glaze flavored disposable salt nicotine is a dreamy new flavor by Wiff Bar. Enjoy the flavor of sweet tropical mango freshly picked from the tree. Chop it into little sweet cubes and drizzle a creamy vanilla glaze over the top and embellish yourself with a flavor sensation that wows your senses. This disposable vape pen is likely to be your new favorite addition to your collection. All the sweetness and nicotine with no unwanted calories or harmful cigarette chemicals.


Lychee Glaze flavored disposable salt nicotine device by Wiff Bar is all the rave in the Lychee e-liquid lovers circle. The lychee fruit has a distinctly sweet aromatic flavor. The combination of sweet and tart lychee pairs amazingly with other tropical fruits for a flavor bomb explosion in your mouth. Known to taste like a few different fruits- some say grapes with a hint of rose. Others say pear and/or watermelon. The amazing flavor combination this disposable device has is a definite winner in our book. With no unwanted calories or harmful cigarette chemicals. use this E-cigarette to satisfy your cravings.


Blueberry Glaze flavored disposable salt NIC device by Wiff Bar is the most fantastic blueberry flavor ever. Tastes just like the plump blue balls of deliciously tart juice spraying all over your mouth as you bite into them. Tangy wisps of blueberries on the inhale. while the exhale picks up a sugary sweet blueberry candy flavor that is divine. Satisfy your sweet tooth and nicotine cravings with just one hit of this slice of heaven- with no calories or harmful cigarette chemicals.


Banana Glaze flavored disposable salt NIC device by Wiff Bar is a tempting new flavor that you’re going to want to add to your collection. Creamy ripe bananas sliced and then drizzled with a touch of vanilla cream is such a classic flavor that everyone loves.
Enjoy sweet bananas all day long with no calories. while completely satisfying your nicotine cravings a safer way than with traditional cigars or cigarettes.


Cool Mint Glaze flavored disposable salt NIC device is a frosty new menthol flavor by Wiff Bar. Enjoy wisps of cool menthol sliding across your tongue on the inhale while an ever so slight vanilla mint joins in for the exhale. Cigarettes are harmful. menthol cigarettes even more so. Try this Cool Mint device and kick that nasty habit for good while getting to enjoy minty freshness all day long. Satisfy your cravings and pick up this device for that cool mint kick that your taste buds deserve.


Strawberry Glaze flavored disposable salt NIC device is a scrumptious new flavor by Wiff Bar. Delectably sweet strawberries sliced up into a bowl and showered with a delightful whip of vanilla cream is what you’re going to enjoy with this flavor. Envelope your palate in the amazing richness of sugary strawberries all day long with absolutely no unwanted calories. And satisfy all your nicotine cravings without all those harmful cigarette chemicals.


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