Ziip ZStick Disposable Vape 800/600 puffs 650mAh


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ZStick Disposable Vape Kit is the world’s smallest Disposable Kit. which is only 25g/6.5mm-small size but big cloud. It comes with a patented pull & play design and a transparent pod for easily checking e-liquid levels.

Powered by 650mAh built-in battery with 12w output power. it supports vaping 800/600 puffs. Additionally. 20 amazing flavors are optional.


  • ZStick Disposable Vape Kit pre-filled with 1.4mL of e-liquid
  • 6% salt nicotine concentration

Ziip ZStickflavors:

  • ZStick Mango:

Known for its pristine mimicry of the actual flavor. this mango flavor tastes exactly like the tropical fruit off of the tree. Even though it’s mild in strength. it will still make your palate feel welcome once again.

  • Fresh Mint:

What’s so great about this fresh mint blend is its immaculate emulation of the leaf itself. pungently infused with refreshing essences. With this flavor. you get the perfect balance of flavor and strength with each puff.

  • Berry Mix:

From blackberries to blueberries. strawberries to raspberries. this mix is indeed piquantly sweet and bitter at once. Targeting all of the structures of the senses. the mild to strong bodied mix is perfect for any occasion.

  • Iced Cola:

It tastes just like the advertised drink. but evinces a refreshing vapor that is irresistible. Try this delicious concoction. which renders a mild to strong vaping session and nothing but pure joy now!

  • Pineapple:

Sweet and tart in nature. the Ziip Pineapple is simply delicious. This blend reveals the playful side of your senses. allowing them to feel multiple pleasurable sensations at once.

  • Watermelon Lemonade:

This new blend features a mega refreshing essence of sweetness. coupled with a sour delight of perfection. Designed to tread lightly on your senses. this is yet the perfect replacement to your dessert.

  • Blue Raspberry:

Enjoy the soul of the whitebark raspberry to its fullest. thanks to a proper infusion of sweet but lightly acidulated flavors. Made not to overwhelm the senses. the blend itself is perfect for beginners.

  • Strawberry Milk:

As you bring your childhood back. inhale the bliss of silken dairy coupled with a sweet and slightly tart tang of the strawberry. Synthesized to appease the senses. this mild to powerfully infused goodness is nothing but top notch.

  • Double Apple:

The Double Apple brings together the flavors of multiple ripe and sweet apples to form an overwhelmingly delectable blend. Indeed. the flavor is so good. its mild to powerful profile is simply irresistible.

  • Honey Dew Melon Ice:

What’s better than the saccharine delight of the melon. coupled with a gentle wintry mix? Refresh your senses for good with a medium to strong bodied blend that is optimized to entrance the palate.

  • Capuccino:

The sugary coffee drink is now available in the form of vapor. synthesized to bewitch the senses in ways you never thought were conceivable. Mild to powerful in strength. this blend will cure all of your cravings at once.

  • Lychee:

Welcome to a truly new blend involving Lychee. a fruit that tastes like a tart kiwi blended with a sweet hint of rose water. Don’t worry about your senses. however. for this mild to strong bodied concoction will treat them right.

  • Grape:

It’s very sweet for its own good and for your own good too. The most popular berry is now making itself available in the form of vapor in order to beguile your wildest sensual dreams.

  • Banana Pineapple:

It’s no longer a rumor that the pungent. yet sweet and lightly tart goodness of the amalgamation of banana and pineapple works wonders on the senses. And this potion from Ziip is just the right one to try first!

  • Banana:

Enjoy a honeyed flavor designed to appeal to the utmost used parts of your palate. Medium to strong bodied in its nature. you simply cannot go wrong with this blend of bananas.

  • Iced Mango Disposable:

It’s not just sweet. but it’s very wintry and icy! The Iced Mango flavor is designed to appeal to the sweet parts of your senses while refreshing them at the same time!

  • Peach Disposable:

Finally we get the vape juice that tastes and smells like the fruit itself. This peach flavored fusion imparts a sweet. yet pungent overtone. which is impeccably aromatic and properly mild to strong bodied at once!

  • POG:

Passionfruit. orange and guava define the essence of this flavor. From sweet to tart. you get a proper blend of mild to strong flavors. which will make your senses very happy.

  • Iced Strawberry:

Allow the mildly tart. but sweet strawberry-infused e-liquid to tantalize your palate. It’s made to be medium to strong bodied in essence. eradicating your cravings at once.

  • Iced Pineapple:

This pineapple flavor will make you fall head over heels with its pungent and refreshing. yet amiably sweet spirit. Mixed in with a mild to strong bodied nicotine profile. your palate will be treated with utmost respect with every puff.

  • Iced Pina Colada:

Welcome to the beach. Infuse your senses with a coconut goodness. which gives way to a silken sweetness reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Plus. with every puff you won’t have to worry about intoxication!

  • Iced Blueberry:

Coupling the sour nucleus of the blueberry with a gently refreshing overshadowing flavor will bring your senses the ecstasy they deserve. The medium to strong bodied soul of this blend will justify all of your cravings in the most proper of ways.

  • Iced Apple:

Enjoy the most popular fruit with an underpinning of true freshness. made to make your senses happy. Medium to powerful in its nature. anticipate your cravings to be effaced at once!

  • Cuban Mojito:

The refreshing cucumber. mixed in with mixed a proper dose of mintiness is the epitome of this flavor. With each drag. you are bound to experience the best of what the beverage has to offer. but in the form of vapor.

  • Ziip Iced Tobacco:

Mixed in with the pure joy of the tobacco leaf is a wintry blend of refreshing goodness designed for your purest joys. With each drag. you’ll trick your senses into believing that they’re smoking the real deal!

  • Ziip Tobacco:

This blend has been synthesized to eradicate your cravings for nicotine. whilst emulating the smell and flavor of the combusted tobacco plant. Enjoy a proper concoction of pure bliss with every single puff.

  • ZiipIced Grape:

What’s great about this flavor. is that it refreshes your senses and delivers a mildly sweet afterglow to them as well. With every puff. you get a stronger bodied blast of revitalization and a gift of sweetness thanks to a ripened grape.

  • ZStick Lush Ice:

Relish in the great flavors of the watermelon. which is coated by a highly appetizing freshness. This stronger bodied concoction of minty sweetness tingles the senses with every puff. satisfying one’s deepest nicotine cravings.

  • ZStick Strawberry Lemonade:

The savory goodness of freshly squeezed lemons is intertwined with the essence of piquant sweet and sour strawberries. With this recipe. you get the finest embodiment of the drink itself in the form of the tastiest vapor.

  • ZStick Iced Watermelon:

It’s grand appearance and taste is what makes it popular and in high demand. Commingled with the fruity sweetness is an icy sensation. which is unforgettably delectable and yields a satisfying strong bodied SaltNic punch.

  • ZStick Froopy:

Taste your childhood with the legendary fruit loops e-liquid. The Froopy is the epitome of the fruity cereal itself. exhibiting a medium to strong bodied nicotine pull that will eradicate your cravings.

  • ZStick Cheesecake:

Take your table dessert straight to your palate without having to chew and swallow. This stronger bodied sensation tastes sweet and creamy at once. allowing you to enjoy the delight of topping off your large meal at no expense to your stomach.


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