Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge of disposable atomizing sticks

1. Why does the atomizer leak oil (oil seepage)?

It may be the following reasons:

A. Insufficient atomization of the atomizing core causes residual smoke to flow out of the air inlet;

B. The improper operation of the customer leads to the abnormal operation of the atomizing core, and the informal method of adding liquid;

C. There is a gap at the connection between the atomizing core and the cigarette, which cannot be sealed. So there will be a certain degree, but it will not affect the use of the product. Customers are advised to clip cigarette packs to cigarette packs when not in use. Stocking alone can effectively prevent smoke from escaping through the crevices.

2. What factors are related to the large amount of smoke?

The influencing factors of the large amount of smoke are mainly three aspects: electronic cigarette equipment, e-liquid, and users.

Electronic cigarette equipment:

A. Inlet adjustment: control the amount of air entering the atomizer when smoking;

B. For the same atomizer, the greater the adjustable voltage of the battery pack, the greater the amount of smoke;

C. With the same battery pack, the smaller the resistance of the atomizer, the greater the amount of smoke;

E-liquid: Among them, the ratio of PG/VG is the influencing factor. The higher the VG ratio, the greater the amount of smoke; this

User: There is no doubt that if your lung capacity is larger than others, then your smoke volume will also be larger.

3. Why does the electronic cigarette make a sound when using it?

Don’t worry about the “sound chirping” when using the atomizer. This is the sound of Loyal Liquid. The electronic cigarette is instantly sublimated into gas by the simulated smoke liquid of the heater. The sound of the “chemical” body changes is normal.

4. What is a remanufactured atomizer?

Repairable Atomizer, or RBA for short. Means to reassemble the atomizer. It is an umbrella term for all atomizers that can be assembled.

The retrofittable dripper atomizer (RDA. Refers to the dripping atomizer, which is generally used to make big smoke and competitions.

Repairable Tank Atomizer, or RTA for short. It refers to an oil-storage nebulizer that can continue smoking and is a more common choice for smokers.

A clean atomizer refers to a separate finished atomizer and cannot be assembled. After a certain amount is consumed, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

5. What happened to the short circuit of the atomizer, is it dangerous?

The bottom of the atomizer has a positive electrode and a negative electrode. Generally, PC is used for insulation. In a short circuit, the current does not pass through the heating wire, but makes a short-term connection at the bottom. This is short circuit and dangerous. The current reaches very high, reheating, and there is a danger of explosion with poor quality.

6. What are the benefits of the oil droplet atomizer?

Drit fustor generally uses low resistance and high power output. A large amount of heat energy is generated in the low resistance, and a large amount of oil smoke needs to be evaporated. The cotton wick on the hot wire directly drips smoke liquid. It is a more effective and faster way to guide oil. At the same time, the big smoke will also make some e-liquid taste better, which is the player’s choice. However, the drip atomizer requires strong hands-on ability and professional knowledge, and the speed of consuming e-liquid is not generally fast, so players can also choose a one-time atomizer stick. 7. How long is the finished atomizing core of the finished product?

According to the frequency of use, the loss of the finished atomizer is also different. A very simple way to judge is that the same e-liquid taste starts to taste in the mouth. Then the finished atomizer needs to be replaced.

7. Why do pores leak oil?

The fuel tank was not tightened, the rubber ring in the sealing compartment was cracked, and the rubber ring was not restored. This may happen. But there are also examples of buying poor quality atomizers and seal quality issues.

8. What is a single hair? Double hair? What are the benefits of having more hair?

The number of heating wires installed on the atomizer refers to single and double hair wires. By increasing the number of hot wires, the contact area of ​​the hot wires during the vaporization process is changed, which can generate larger smoke.

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