What are vape materials? What ingredients are included?

The main ingredients of vape

1.Copyllol. More than 90% of the ingredients in e-liquid are propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a low toxicity organic compound. Often used as a solvent or moisturizer in care products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. When used in small amounts, it has no obvious negative effects on the human body. Relevant agencies also have clear restrictions on their use.

2. Glycerin, glycerin is a non-toxic and tasteless liquid, the main aerosol liquid in vape.

3. Spices and flavorings are common roles in everyday life. Excessive consumption is harmful to the human body, and inferior raw materials are harmful to the human body. The different smoke smells in vape mist fluids are created by these substances.

4. Nicotine, the bid in the description of vape liquid is nicotine, which is actually nicotine. Nicotine is one of the main factors that cause many people to become addicted to cigarettes and is harmful to the human body. The nicotine component in the vape is relatively small, but still not negligible.

Vape is also harmful

If you have to talk about the advantages, the advantages of vape are that the harm (including secondary pollution) is relatively small, there is no open flame, there will be no oil smoke and cigarette butter, and the cigarette will not make the throat itchy and want to vomit. (Physically), compared to traditional cigarettes, it is also an improvement.

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